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3’X3′ (39”X39”) Grow Tent Support Pole kits CA MSRP CA$35.99

  • Kit Includes: 8 Poles and 8 Hooks
  • Fit For: Mars Hydro 3'x3' Grow Tent
The Mars Hydro High CFM kit for 3'x3' grow tents is designed to add skeletal structure to the sides of grow tents using inline exhaust fans to help keep the tent walls in place.

4-Dry Rack With Pruning Shear CA MSRP CA$35.99

  • Layers: 4
  • Diameter: 24 Inch
  • Fits: 3x3 ft or larger grow tents
Mars Hydro 4-layer mesh herb drying rack with pruning shears provides premium quality, solid stability, versatile applications, and comfortable experiences to dry and prune plant material to ideal status with maintained nutrients for further preservation, consumption, and health care.

Drip Irrigation Kit 5-Gallon CA MSRP CA$129.99

Regulate your indoor watering system with the Mars Hydro Drip Irrigation Kit! The hydronic kit includes a drip system (2 sizes of tubing and 8 water emitters), a pump (22W, 800L/H), and a bucket (5 gallons). Complete the installation of the drip irrigation bucket kit and you're all set for a convenient, pressure-regulated indoor watering system.

PH And TDS Meter Combo For Hydroponics CA MSRP CA$25.99

Mars Hydro pH and TDS Meter Combo provide careful management of your hydroponic nutrient solutions to ensure the concentration of dissolved solids and the acidity or alkalinity is within the correct range.