Mars Hydro Warranty Policy

Subject to the exclusions set out below, Mars Hydro warrants its LED grow lights, inline duct fans, heating pads, etc., to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a fixed period from the date of shipment by Mars Hydro. Details are as follows:


●Most LED grow lights come with a five (5) year limited warranty that includes:

(1) During the year. Comprehensive warranty: free parts, free repair service, free shipping.

(1)-(5) years. Limited Warranty: Free components, buyer is responsible for repair costs and shipping costs.


●All inline duct fans and iHub smart power strips come with a two (2) year comprehensive warranty.


●All heat pads, clip-on fans, water pumps (in drip irrigation kits) and pH (TDS) meters are covered by a one (1) year comprehensive warranty.


● Linear LED Grow Lights: “TS600” and “SP150” come with a five (5) year limited warranty that includes:

(1) During the year. Full coverage warranty. A new lamp of the same model will be provided free of charge. If the buyer wishes to exchange an item, he or she will be responsible for any product upgrade costs that may be incurred.


●Non-electrical products (and/or accessories): No warranty provided. If the package you receive is missing accessories or any product is damaged due to logistics, please contact us within 7 days to replace or have us send the missing items.


Warranty procedure:

When you need to handle a customer complaint, please contact your sales representative according to the following process to resolve the customer complaint for you faster:

(1) Send your order information. Including purchase time, usage time, quantity, model, etc.

(2) Use pictures and/or videos to describe the problem in detail.

(3) Proof of defects/defective products. Photos and videos will help your sales rep provide faster warranty service.


Shipments from China: Mars Hydro provides free components/accessories for 5 years only, on the condition that the buyer is responsible for all costs incurred - including shipping charges, customs charges, etc.