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How to grow plants faster and stronger?

Many growers face the problem of growing plants that grow too slowly, so what should be done to deal with this situation? In this article, Mars Hydro will provide growers with some effective ways to help your plants grow fast and strong.

Provide Adequate Light

Adequate sunlight is the basis for plant growth, and the different color spectrums contained in it are adapted to the light needs of different stages of plant growth. But for indoor plants, lack of light is common and often deadly, as plants that lack light tend to die gradually.

The advent of LED grow lights marked the end of this situation, providing the light required for each stage of plant growth with the lowest energy consumption, the best price, and the most efficient functionality. And 8 to 10 hours a day of full-spectrum LED light exposure will make your plants grow bigger, stronger, and healthier than you ever imagined.

Mars Hydro will provide you with the cost-effective and high efficiency LED grow lights which are made of high-quality Samsung chips and equipped with dimming box to allow growers to dim according to their light needs.

Provide Nutritious Soil

Plants need nutrients, most of which come from a range of organic matter such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and more in the soil in which they grow. You can add banana peels, compost tea, coffee grounds, egg shells, overnight tea, and more to your soil to get the organic ingredients mentioned above. So, in order to take your soil quality from better to best, you should never forget to add these nutrients in time!

Suitable Temperature

Plants, like us, are sensitive creatures. As they get more favorable temperatures, new leaves and new stems grow, resulting in more fruit or flowers, and even the depth of color and texture becomes apparent. One of the best ways to deal with extreme weather is to move your plants to indoor grow tents. Using grow tents not only protects the plants from outside interference but also maximizes the use of light. Mars Hydro’s grow tents adopt 1680D canvas, sturdy and durable. The interior is designed with reflective polyester film, which can reflect light in all directions and maximize the use of light.

Pest Control

If the pests are not controlled in time, they will cause large-scale destruction of plants. When you find a pest on a plant, it’s time to get rid of it. Place barriers on fragile plants to protect them from leaf-eating flies and pesky slugs. Another tip is to choose flowers that will attract beneficial insects such as ladybugs and hoverflies, which are natural enemies of mites and aphids. Insecticide is not recommended because it can also lay some bad effects on your plants.


Growing indoor requires a basic understanding and careful care of your garden. Mars Hydro will also continue to update to provide growers with the most effective growing strategies to help everyone harvest happiness in growing.

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