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How to Maintain Your Grow Tent?

Mars Hydro grow tent

Why You Need to Maintain Your Grow Tent?

Regular maintenance of the environment in the grow tent is like cleaning your room regularly. Imagine that if the garbage and dust in the room are not cleaned for a long time, people living inside will be infected with diseases due to the accumulation of dust and bacteria.

The same goes for cleaning and maintaining your grow tent, if you don’t maintain it for a long time, you can’t provide a high-quality environment for the growth of plants, and it will certainly not produce good output.

It can be seen that it’s very important to clean the grow tent in time, so how to maintain it? Continue to read, Mars Hydro will provide you some advice!

What You Need to Prepare for Maintaining Grow Tent?

Hydrogen Peroxide

It’s a light blue liquid that’s slightly thicker than water. It’s easy to find at grocery stores or drugstores. And it’s great for cleaning the inside of grow tents without leaving behind toxic chemicals.

Antibacterial Spray

This kind of antibacterial spray is also easy to buy in gardening grocery stores. High-quality antibacterial spray can remove almost 99% of the bacteria on the surface of your grow tent, creating a clean and sterile growing environment for you, so as to avoid harmful bacteria grow and interfere with the growth of your plants.


Remember to open doors and windows to ventilate after using bleach, as it has a pungent smell. It is recommended that you use bleach carefully to avoid poisoning due to poor ventilation.

Pest Control Products

Using pest control products is the fastest way to kill pests in your grow tent. Since the grow tent is in a closed space for a long time, it is easy to make it a breeding ground for some pests, such as spiders, aphids, fungal gnats and so on. However, using pest control products, you can defeat the enemy with one move!

How to Maintain Your Grow Tent?

Generally speaking, the cleaning and maintenance of the grow tent should be kept at a fixed frequency- about every few months, all the plants in the grow tent need to be moved out to give their home a general cleaning.

  • So what can we use to clean a grow tent? Some of the cleaning aids have already been mentioned above. Using bleach and hydrogen peroxide to do a thorough and all-around cleaning, starting from the top of the tent and working your way down to the bottom. And ventilate in time after cleaning to ensure that your grow tent can dry quickly. In the same way, after using pesticides, ensure that the gas dissipates before moving the plants into the tent.
  • After using the grow tent for a long time, it is inevitable to encounter the aging of the zipper, and it may get stuck, which is very annoying. Please calm down at this time and think about whether you have any household items that can help Soaps, lip balms, oils, and more are good options. What you can do is applying them to the place where the key zipper gets stuck, this step is especially important as it will help your zipping process go smoothly.
  • There is one more place on your grow tent that you need to pay extra attention to – the air vents. This is where dust, dead pests, dead leaves may accumulate. The best way to clean them up is to use a small vacuum cleaner to vacuum out these nasty garbage.

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