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Mars Hydro FC1000W VS. FC-E1000W LED Grow Lights

Mars Hydro FC1000W VS. FC-E1000W

Friends who are familiar with the Mars Hydro four series LED grow lights know that the FC and FC-E series have been welcomed by most growers since their release. With their super high efficiency, uniform light distribution and excellent heat dissipation performance, they have made their way into the field of grow lights.

In order to help commercial large-scale growers achieve higher yields, Mars Hydro hereby continuously sums up the experience and improves our technology to launch two high-wattage LED grow lights- FC1000W and FC-E1000W grow lights. Are you eager to see the true face of these two beasts after reading this, let’s find out together!

The Innovations of the Two 1000w Grow Lights

In addition to the original advantages of FC and FC-E series grow lights, such as light bar design, good heat dissipation, uniform light distribution, IP65 waterproof, and daisy-chain connection, etc. We also added some innovative designs to these two models of grow lights

1000W for Better Crop Yields

Compared with other grow lights of FC and FC-E series, the 1000W LED grow light provides higher yields for crops. And using high-wattage grow lights brings more than just high yields, it also provides an important environment for adding CO2. When the carbon dioxide concentration is lower than 200 ppm or higher than 1800 ppm, it is not good for plant growth. When CO2 levels are between 800-1200 ppm, it accelerates crop growth and increases crop yield. And only when the light intensity is 1000-1500umol/s can it work with CO2 to promote plant growth and increase plant yield. In addition, 1000W LED grow lights are more energy-efficient and safer than 1000w HPS grow lights, and have become a popular choice for indoor growing. It can be seen that using 1000W LED grow lights is a wise choice for commercial growers now.

Extendable Brackets Make It Convenient to DIY Your Growing

The FC and FC-E series grow lights are relatively flexible in design. The FC series grow lights can be folded, and the FC-E series grow lights are equipped with detachable light strips, which provide a great convenience for users. On the basis of this, FC1000W and FC-E1000W LEDs are also added with the design of extendable brackets, which is especially for growers to DIY their growing according to their own needs.

In the original light form, these two 1000w grow lights can cover a 4ftx4ft (1.2mx1.2m) grow area, and the expanded grow area can reach 4ftx6ft (1.2mx1.8m ). The extendable brackets are specially designed for 4’x6’ or 4’x8’ grow tents, mainly used for commercial projects with rolling tables/rolling benches/grow trays, so commercial growers can choose to expand their lights according to their own growing needs.

The Differences between FC1000W and FC-E1000W LED Grow Lights

In order to let everyone learn the differences between these two grow lights more intuitively, we list their various specifications for you in the form of a table.

Mars Hydro FC1000W VS FC-E1000W LED grow light
FC1000W VS. FC-E1000W

Different Diode Brand

The biggest difference between FC and FC-E series grow lights is the different diodes. FC series grow lights use Samsung diodes and its official efficacy data is 2.92μmol/J, which can achieve scientifically accurate light and a quality-guaranteed lifespan. The FC-E series grow lights use Bridgelux diodes, which have excellent quality and can achieve uniform distribution of light and its test efficacy data is 2.7μmol/J. The difference in diodes is also reflected in the price, growers can choose according to their budget.

Different Price

Since the two 1000W grow lights work similarly, why is there a difference in price? That’s because the price of Samsung diodes is indeed higher than most diodes on the market due to factors such as its international reputation and quality.

Different PPF/PPFD

As can be seen from the table shown above, the PPFD value of FC1000W LED grow light is 2885umol/S, while the PPFD value of FC-E1000W grow light is 2766umol/S. Although there is a certain difference in the PPFD values of the two lights, it does not mean that their efficiency is not high. In fact, the PPFD values ​​of the two grow lights are enough to provide strong energy for 4×4 or even larger areas!

To Sum Up

In the above paragraphs, we have pointed out the innovations of the two 1000W grow lights and the differences between them, you can buy them according to your needs. Please note that the Mars Hydro FC 1000W and FC-E1000w LED grow lights are specially designed for commercial growing and high CO2 growing, they’re not recommended for normal growth, especially growing tents. At last, if you have any questions about Mars Hydro’s 1000W grow light, welcome to contact us anytime.

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