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Mars Hydro Smart Grow System New Arrival-FC-E Smart Grow Lights

Mars Hydro smart grow system

With the development of the times, it is no longer a fantasy to control your garden with one touch on your mobile phone. In order to give growers a more intelligent growing experience, Mars Hydro is constantly investigating the market and updating our technology, and is committed to creating a complete set of intelligent grow system for customers. First of all, our FC-E series smart grow lights, which will meet with you, inherits the advantages of the original FC-E series LED grow lights, and has carried out a series of intelligent innovation and upgrades on the basis of them, allowing you to connect smart lights and Mars Hydro APP to realize remote control, save your time to the greatest extent, and realize automatic management.

What’s The Innovation of FC-E Smart Grow Light?

As the high-efficiency LED grow lights, the FC-E series grow lights have an average PPFD of 30% which is higher than other grow lights of the same wattage, providing better crop quality and higher cost-effectiveness. So what kind of surprises can the FC-E smart grow lights after the intelligent upgrade bring you? Now let us uncover the secret together!

Easily Achieve Remote Control via Bluetooth and WiFi

Do you often worry about if one day you go out, but your beloved plants will be left unattended? Or do you wish you could manage your garden from your bed? Don’t worry, it’s a breeze to deal with these problems after owning FC-E series smart grow lights. You only need to connect the smart light to Mars Hydro APP via Bluetooth or Wifi on your mobile phone, and you can remotely control the timing and scene settings of the smart light, providing great convenience for your growing life.

Mars Hydro smart grow lights.

Timer and Scene Setting to Automate Control Your Garden

The most prominent point of intelligence in FC-E series smart grow lights is the timing function. You just need to set the start time and duration of the smart grow light in advance, and it will automatically switch on and start to work when the pre-set time comes. More conveniently, you can also preset scenes for different stages of plants growth, and then set the corresponding lighting time and intensity for each stage, so as to realize full control from the seedling stage to the flowering stage. In addition, we also designed a sunrise/sunset mode for you, which simulates the light intensity of natural sunlight from sunrise to sunset in a day, providing a natural ecological environment for plants.

Mars Hydro smart grow lights.

Enable You to Control Multiple Lights Simultaneously without Wire

If you have a large indoor grow area and you need to control multiple grow lights at the same time, the tangled wires make you feel miserable. Just imagine that you can control multiple grow lights at the same time through an APP instead of wires, how worry-free and labor-saving it is.

Mars Hydro FC-E series grow lights allow growers to add 10+ smart grow lights via Wifi and connect up to 100+ smart grow lights via Bluetooth for dimming and other operations. Moreover, if you want to divide your grow lights in a grow room into different groups for controlling or control the grow lights in different grow rooms, you can add different groups in the Mars Hydro APP, and add the corresponding grow lights into these groups, then adjust the smart grow lights in different groups separately.

Upgrade Your FC-E&FC Series Grow Lights with a Smart Dimming Box

If you have already purchased the FC-E series or FC series LED grow lights but want to achieve intelligent and remote control, you only need to buy a new version of the dimming box and install it easily.

Mars Hydro FC-E Smart Grow Lights are on Sale Now

Mars Hydro is constantly exploring the road of developing intelligent growing accessories. And as the first intelligent product launched, FC-E series smart grow lights are the beginning but not the end. In the future, there will be more smart growing products to meet with you, so stay tuned!

A surprise is coming! To celebrate the arrival of the new year and give back to all customers, there is a 15% discount on FC-E series smart lights from the 9th of January, just apply code MARSSMART when placing orders on smart LEDs.

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